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Panthers to Replace NFL Shield with Logo at Mid-Field

This morning the Carolina Panthers tweeted a video addressing the most pressing concern that faces the team heading into the 2018 season… the mid-field logo.

For years, the Carolina Panthers have opted to go with the NFL shield at the 50-yard line instead of their team logo, the Panther head relegated to each of the 25-yard lines or (in their earlier years) the end zones.

This appears to be changing for the upcoming year.

In the video, several players are shown saying they want to see the Panthers logo “everywhere” with quarterback Cam Newton elaborating that he really wants to see that logo at midfield and that Mr. Tepper (Panthers owner David Tepper) requires convincing from the fans to do so using the #PanthersLogoChallenge hashtag.

Carolina Panthers home field (Via
The NFL shield at the 50-yard line in Carolina (pic via

Considering they would (probably) never follow this up with an announcement that the fans didn’t care enough… it’s safe to say the Panthers are going to be making this change.

Despite knowing this I still had to show my support for the movement, especially as a Carolina Panthers fan.

The Panthers have used the NFL shield at midfield since their first season in 1995, at the time original team owner Jerry Richardson said this was to show gratitude towards the league for accepting their expansion bid. Heading into last season there were only four teams to use the NFL shield at mid-field, in addition to the Panthers, there were New York’s Giants and Jets (who share the same stadium), and the Los Angeles Rams who share their stadium with the USC Trojans.

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