Hornets Go Full Retro, Unveil Throwback Court

Just two weeks after unveiling throwback uniforms, a throwback court!

This afternoon, the Charlotte Hornets unveiled the classic court the team will use during these throwback games, the design is based heavily off of what the club used at the Charlotte Coliseum from 1995 through 1997, a simplified version was then used by the team during their final several seasons before “hiatus” (*eye roll*) in 2002.

The original Hornets logo is featured at midcourt with a teal trail leading to the sideline, the free-throw lines as part of basketballs and a teal cell pattern within the free-throw lanes. Each baseline features the words “Charlotte Hornets” in the retro Hornets font, while the sideline reads “Hornets” with another appearance from the original Hornets logo. Inside each arch is an alternate Hornets 30th Anniversary logo.

“The classic court is another way we will incorporate the history of our team into our ‘Classic Night’ games during our 30th Anniversary season,” said Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield in the press release. “We wanted to have a classic court to go with our uniforms and the additional throwback elements of those games, and this court design was another instance of the Hornets doing something that was unique, trend-setting and memorable.”

Charlotte will also be wearing 1990s throwback uniforms when playing on this court

Charlotte will play at least six games with the total throwback package, I imagine that number will increase if the players and team consider the retro look to be “good luck” or they just enjoy it (but let’s be honest, how could they not?)