Ahead of Move from Columbus, Austin MLS Unveils Name & Logo

Austin may not yet have the Crew, but they’ve already got a logo when (or if) they ever do.

With rumours swirling about the impending relocation of Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew SC from Ohio to Austin, team owner Anthony Precourt via his group Precourt Sports Ventures has released both the name and logo the club would use should this ever happen.

I guess he’s confident. If he’s wrong then it’s just another logo to add to the phantom pile.

The announcement comes just one week after the City of Austin voted to move forward with the construction of a stadium. Whatever stadium that ends up being built would certainly not be ready in time for the 2019 season so it’s entirely possible Columbus rides out a lame duck season Oakland Raiders style or as KXAN Austin suggests the team could play a season at the local Minor League Baseball stadium where the Round Rock Express call home.

Austin FC is the name shown on the logo; so it’s a football organization called AFC? I can’t imagine that would cause any trademark troubles.

The logo shows two green intertwined Texas Live Oak trees (a traditional symbol for Austin) on a black shield, the two trees symbolizing the bond between club and city, the eleven branches for the eleven players on the field, and the four roots are the four corners of Austin coming together to support the team.

Fun fact: the second largest tree in the state is a Texas Live Oak and it’s called the Columbus Oak. Appropriate!

As for why this name and logo is being released now instead of, say, after the move is official, PSV released this reason:

“Given the historical and ongoing market challenges, Precourt Sports Ventures must prepare for every potential scenario for the Club in 2019 and beyond. Should Austin be granted the requisite approvals ahead of the 2019 season, it will be imperative to launch with momentum and a presence to ensure the long-term sustainability and viability of the Club.”

Which I translate to “cause someone’s probably going to leak it”.

The Columbus Crew are currently ranked fourth in the Eastern Conference with a playoff spot this fall seeming likely. The team won a single MLS Cup in their twenty-two seasons, taking the top prize in 2008. Throughout the entire history of the franchise, the team has averaged an attendance of 15,500 per game playing in a stadium with a soccer capacity of just about 20,000.