Angels Rock Sweet California Throwback Unis

The California Angels were back in action again last night in Anaheim, as the *Los Angeles* Angels took to the field wearing throwback uniforms based off of what the club wore originally from 1976 through 1985.

Paired up against the Colorado Rockies, an incredibly inappropriate opponent for a game in which a team is wearing a throwback from the 1970s, the Angels wore their old-school white pullover tops, “Angels” arched across the front even pairing them with the classic elastic waistband pants of the era.

The team even took the extra step of making sure matching batting helmets were worn:

But only for the players (why…?)

Overall a fairly faithful reproduction, I mean, as far as 2018 standards go.

There was no MLB tag on the back of the jersey, which is accurate:

But that New Era logo sure stuck out on the side of the caps (yes there was also a Majestic logo on the sleeve but barely noticeable versus the caps):