49ers Add Decal in Memory of Dwight Clark

The San Francisco 49ers will be honouring Dwight Clark throughout the 2018 NFL season by wearing a special decal featuring a silhouette of one of the most iconic moments in team and league history.

Clark, a two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, spent nine seasons with the 49ers during which the team won two Super Bowls (XVI and XIX), he is undoubtedly most remembered for his famous catch to win the 1981 NFC Championship Game for the Niners against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s this catch which is featured on the memorial decal, being worn on the back of the team’s helmets for the season, the logo also includes Clark’s uniform number 87 — retired by the team thirty years ago, on a red circle.

Clark died on June 4, 2018 in Montana at the age of 61. The team will also unveil a statue of Clark’s famous catch outside their home stadium in October.