Indians Remove Chief Wahoo from Uniform in Toronto

An unscheduled Turn Ahead the Clock game was played last night in Toronto as the Cleveland Indians took to the field wearing, what we can probably assume, is their new road uniform for the 2019 season.

Chief Wahoo was absent, entirely, from the team’s uniform – not on the cap, nor in its usual place on the left sleeve of their jersey. The removal of the patch was due to the “increased sensitivity to the Chief Wahoo image in Canada” according to, it will return to the Tribe’s uniform when the team heads to St. Petersburg, Fla. on Monday and stay there throughout the remainder of 2018.

The note of “increased sensitivity” in Canada is likely due to the attempt to block the team’s name and their Wahoo logo during the 2016 ALCS when an activist tried to force their removal from games played in Toronto; the attempt failed as a judge dismissed the case shortly before Game 3, the first of that series to be played in Canada.

The Cleveland Indians and Major League Baseball announced earlier this year that the 2018 season would be Wahoo’s last to appear on a big league ballfield, at the moment it still remains on their home and alternate caps, as well as on the sleeve on all three of their jerseys.