A Closer Look at New Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey, Helmet Logo

The Winnipeg Jets are rolling out a new wordmark-style logo for the upcoming 2018-2019 NHL season.

We first saw the logo as a keychain sent to season ticket holders along with an invitation to attend the unveiling of the club’s first-ever alternate uniform. Naturally, we theorized at the time that this logo would be featured on the new jersey.

Shortly after this, the team tweeted a series of photographs showing players getting ready for the new season; the new logo from the keychain was now seen on the side of their helmets. Our first confirmation that it would be used in some form on the team’s uniforms and our first look at the logo in colour!

That photo is shown below paired with the original keychain photo:

I took these two images and tried to quickly put together the logo and (while my Photoshopping skills here are rough) I was much more impressed with the design seeing it like this than I had been seeing the previous two photos:

Immediately I thought the logo was reaching back to vintage airline advertisements, the style of the script, the tail of the jet incorporated into the T. Something like this magazine ad from the 1950s:

This modification to the helmet is the first change to any part of the Winnipeg Jets uniform (switch to Adidas, and commemorative patches aside) since their relocation from Atlanta in 2011. The new logo replaces this one which we’d seen on their helmets for the past seven years:

Winnipeg is set to unveil their new alternate uniforms this coming Friday night (September 14th), I’m sure we’ll get a much better look at the new wordmark logo then. Keep checking back with SportsLogos.Net for more updates!