New OKC Thunder “City” Uniform Posted A Little Too Early

The Oklahoma City Thunder are getting a new look for their “City” uniform this year, although we’re not sure they meant for it to be revealed to the world quite so soon.

Courtesy a Tweet by Red Earth, an organization focused on promoting Native arts and cultures, we have our first look at the new “City Edition” uniform. SportsLogos.Net is able to confirm that this is the new Thunder “City Edition” uniform.

The uniform is two shades of light blue, the top corner of the jersey lighter than the bottom half, the two sides divided diagonally; the darker shade of light blue continues as the base of the shorts, the lighter colour used as a side stripe.

Across the front of the jersey is an “OKC” wordmark in white, black, and orange; the three letters formed using octagons, diamonds, and chevrons.

On the shorts, we see what appears to be Native-inspired imagery. Another “OKC” logo at the waist, diamonds and triangles around the entire band, down the sides we see (what could be) sun symbols in orange and yellow.

The Thunder will continue to wear the icon (light blue/ex-road), association (white/ex-home), and statement (navy blue) uniforms into the new season, this new uniform replaces the forgettable grey uniform the team wore a handful of times in 2017-18.

The previous Oklahoma City Thunder “City Edition” uniform, this is (thankfully) being scrapped in favour of the new light blue uniform featured in this post

Oklahoma City and the rest of the NBA aren’t expected to officially unveil the new 2018-2019 Nike City Uniforms until the Fall. Last year’s set was unveiled on December 27th, check out that complete collection here.