Pic: San Jose Sharks New Third Jersey Leaked

Welp, now that the new 2018/19 NHL alternate uniforms are being shipped out to retail I suppose it was only a matter of time before somebody would upload a pic to social media.

Tonight it was the San Jose Sharks who had their new look posted earlier than they’d have liked courtesy a sports shop in Utah. The photo, which was uploaded to Instagram, shows the Sharks new black third jersey with two teal stripes on one sleeve and a re-coloured logo on the chest; the inner collar stripe is also teal.

The photo also shows a pattern in-between the two teal stripes on the sleeve but it’s hard to make out what the pattern is in this picture.

The company that posted the photo deleted it from their social media account, a screencap of it was captured by several users, Twitter user @ArnottKY tagged us which is how we got our first look at it (Thanks!). We’re able to confirm that the leaked photograph is the Sharks new alternate uniform.

Differences to their usual crest logo include the white spaces within the triangle being filled in with black, the trim of the triangle also goes from teal/orange to black. The stick is now teal rather than orange, it appears the tape on the blade of the stick is a lighter shade of teal, the eye of the shark looks to remain orange.

We took a shot at the logo in the header graphic of this post based entirely off of the leaked photograph.

San Jose has worn several alternate uniforms during their nearly thirty seasons as an NHL franchise. Black is often their colour of choice when it comes to a third jersey, this will be their third different black uniform – the first worn from 2001-07, the second from 2008-17.