Winnipeg Jets New Uniform Leaked to Message Board

On the eve of its official unveiling, it appears the new alternate uniform of the Winnipeg Jets has leaked.

Posted to HFBoards’ Jets forum by a user named Brominator earlier this morning, the photo in that post links back to the same server used by NHLShop for their product images.

The photo shows an Aviator Blue jersey with the new “Jets” wordmark we’ve been seeing on their helmets and in other places over the past few weeks. The striping pattern is the same as what the original Winnipeg Jets wore during their final several seasons in Manitoba from 1990-1996, could be a coincidence, could be an homage.

If legit, and based on the server it was posted to you’d have to figure it is, we can at least still look forward to seeing both the full uniform and how this translates to the on-ice jersey cut as this photo is definitely *not* the on-ice cut.

Jersey striping similar to the uniform of the 1990-96 original Winnipeg Jets

This is the second NHL third uniform leak in two days following the San Jose Sharks new uniform being posted to Instagram by a sports store yesterday afternoon. The Jets are scheduled to officially unveil their new alternate uniform at a season ticket holder event tomorrow night where we will get a much better look at the full set.