Caps Go Old School, Bring Back Retro Third Uniform

The champs are kickin’ it old school in 2018-19, as Washington Capitals senior vice president and general manager Brian MacLellan announced the team’s new retro alternate uniform this morning.

Throwing back to the road red uniform the club wore for their first 20-odd seasons, the jersey features the original team logo across the chest in white with a blue hockey stick, and six stars alternating between white-and-blue across the top and five down each sleeve. The collar is white with a white shoulder yoke, at the waist are two large stripes, one blue and one white. Blue pants and red helmets will be worn, the pants also with the star pattern down each side.

The uniform is the same design the team wore as their alternate uniform during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons, even carrying over the incorrect colouring of the “WASHINGTON” wordmark on the logo; during the original run of this uniform design, this element of the logo was actually blue.

Washington began wearing this uniform style for their expansion season in 1974-75, with a few minor tweaks over the years it was worn through the end of the 1994-95 season before being radically replaced with a blue/black/bronze design featuring an eagle on the chest and diagonal striping. In 2007-08 the Caps returned to a modernized version of their original set and brought back their white version as an alternate uniform in 2011-12; the white alternate was worn for four seasons when it was replaced with a more practical red version allowing the team to wear it for home games.

The Capitals originally wore this uniform style from 1974-1995

The Capitals announced the twelve games they’ll wear the retro alts in 2018-19, a few good uniform pairings in there – especially those games against the Penguins, Rangers, and Islanders.

November 11, 2018 vs. Arizona Coyotes
November 30, 2018 vs. New Jersey Devils
December 19, 2018 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
December 27, 2018 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
January 8, 2019 vs. Philadelphia Flyers
January 12, 2019 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
January 18, 2019 vs. New York Islanders
February 7, 2019 vs. Colorado Avalanche
February 24, 2019 vs. New York Rangers
March 8, 2019 vs. New Jersey Devils
March 26, 2019 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
April 6, 2019 vs. New York Islanders