Raptors New City Uniform Leaks on Media Day

The Toronto Raptors held their annual media day this morning and, as you’d expect, all eyeballs were on their prized off-season acquisition Kawhi Leonard.

Fortunately for us, at least one of those eyeballs belong to Instagram user InsideGreenRoom who caught Leonard posing for a headshot while wearing the Raptors new (and yet-to-be-released) “City Edition” uniform.

Take a look, compared with last season’s City Edition uniform:

The uniform looks like it’s nothing more than a white version of what the club wore last season, a black/gold jersey with a chevron across the chest and “NORTH” within it. Note that Leonard is wearing the team’s shorts from their red Icon Edition uniform, the Raps will not be wearing these shorts with the jersey… remember it was a photoshoot for a  headshot, so not a lot of concern to the photographer with anything below the chest.

As a Raptors fan, it’s disappointing, I don’t mind the team going with black-gold as an alternate colour scheme but once again, the team does not have a uniform with the name of their hometown on it. I get they want to represent all of Canada, but isn’t that what the red/white uniform is for? You’d think that at least the “City Edition” of all things could be the one to represent the city.

Oh well.

Welcome to Toronto, Kawhi.