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Multiple Leaks of New 2018-19 NBA Uniforms Hit Twitter

A slew of NBA uniform leaks hit Twitter over the past few days showing us new uniforms for the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Golden State Warriors, as well as a brief preview of what’s to come, including yet another new uniform style added to the usual rotation.

We’ll start with the Miami Heat who must have had a secret spy take photos of their two new “Vice” pink-and-black(!) uniforms, the black is their City Edition uniform and the pink is the new “Earned Uniform” (more on “Earned Uniforms” later in the post), the special court design to be used with this set was also posted in a Tweet from @eyadghoneim:


The wordmark across the front matches the “Miami” script the team used last year on their City Edition “Vice” uniform but things have been re-coloured here.

The Golden State Warriors will be bringing back an old look as their “Classic” uniform (which means they’ll have six! uniforms in 2018-19), in this video game screencap from a YouTube video captured and Tweeted by @CLJacla:

Next up was more confirmation on the previously leaked Raptors’ new white-and-gold “City uniform” from the NBA 2K19 video game via @TheRaptorsKing:

This Raps leak plus the Heat leak above was enough for Twitter user @CaseyVitelli to mock up his, what I’m being told are “fairly accurate”, predictions on what the Raptors new “Earned” uniform could look like:

The working theory being that the “Earned” series will be simple re-colours of the “City” Edition uniform. How does Vitelli know the Raptors “Earned” uniform will be red? Read on!

See, Mr. Vitelli, who is on a roll here, somehow found the full colour sheet for the new City and Earned uniforms…

Through the wordmark you can make out the black and pink uniforms for the Heat listed here, as well as the leaked white City uniform for the Raptors. Other things of note: the Lakers city is Purple which would suggest there’s no black uniform for them this season, and I’m curious to see what the Cavaliers are doing with that powder blue jersey.

The “Earned” series, a fifth uniform added to the usual rotation of icon, association, statement, and city, seems to be reserved for those teams that qualified for the playoffs the season prior. Get it? They “Earned” the uniform. Hopefully, a little more detail on this new uniform style is available as they’re unveiled.