Australian Baseball League’s Geelong-Korea unveils logo

The eighth team in Oceania’s premier destination for America’s pastime, the Australian Baseball League, will be composed of Korean players in the Australian city of Geelong, Victoria. Geelong, which is situated along the Great Ocean Road southwest of Melbourne, is 8,600 kilometers from Seoul, Korea (as the kookaburra flies), but it will host the growing league’s first Asian team.

The ABL announced the formation of Geelong-Korea this summer, followed by the unveiling of the team logo in a series of breezy tweets late last night (or early this morning, depending on where you are relative to the International Date Line).

The logo features a cartoon surfing baseball, a popular sport along Australia’s coastal cities (which, to be honest, is most Australian cities), and the legend “Geelong Korea Baseball Team • Since 2018,” which suggests a certain confidence in the longevity of the team. While there was no announcement for the team’s cap logo, websites for the ABL and the new team feature the GK insignia pictured here.

Geelong-Korea joins the New Zealand–based Auckland Tuatara as international expansion teams that will debut when the ABL’s 2018-19 season begins November 15.