Penguins Unveil New Gold Third Uniform

The Pittsburgh Penguins are going gold for their new third uniform, “Pittsburgh” Gold that is.

Unveiled this afternoon by the team, the Penguins new Adidas alternate third jersey is gold (yellow) with black arms, there’s a white and gold stripe on each sleeve at the elbow, no stripes at the waist. The collar is black, player numbers are black with white trim and go up on the shoulders much like how the Florida Panthers currently wear them (and as the Pens did back in the 80s).

On the chest, the classic Penguins logo appears but without its familiar triangle, this jersey is paired with a gold lid giving a similar appearance overall to the alternate Pens uniform of the mid-1980s, and their Stadium Series uniform from 2017.

The Penguins regularly wore yellow uniforms in the mid 1980s
The team wore something similar for the 2017 Stadium Series game

There are several differences with the Stadium Series uniform and this one, the numbers, the lack of a white stripe on the sleeve, the large keystone patch on the sleeve, and collar being the most obvious ones. The uniform unveiled today a much improved, cleaner design than those worn in 2017.

Pittsburgh will wear the new third uniform a dozen times in the 2018-19 NHL season, their first appearance will be on November 15th when the Penguins host the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Full schedule below:

November 15, 2018 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
November 21, 2018 vs Dallas Stars
November 24, 2018 vs Columbus Blue Jackets
December 14, 2018 vs Boston Bruins
December 27, 2018 vs Detroit Red Wings
January 8, 2019 vs Florida Panthers
January 30, 2019 vs Tampa Bay Lightning
February 13, 2019 vs Edmonton Oilers
February 17, 2019 vs New York Rangers
March 7, 2019 vs Columbus Blue Jackets
March 12, 2019 vs Washington Capitals
March 29, 2019 vs Nashville Predators

A couple of interesting matchups in there, a lot of gold on the ice for the Dec. 14th game against Boston and March 29th against Nashville, and we’ll see both teams with shoulder numbers on January 8th against Florida.