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Possible Leak of New Miami Marlins Logo for 2019

An image was uploaded to Instagram Tuesday night which appears to be a leak of the new Miami Marlins logo for 2019.

The logo was included on a Miami Marlins 2019 Spring Training logo, the new Marlins logo small and at the bottom of the Spring Training logo.  This graphic follows the same template used by other MLB clubs for their 2019 Spring Training logos.

What we see is a black stylized “M” with a marlin wrapped around it, both the M and marlin are trimmed in what looks to be a light blue (maybe teal?) and some sort of shade of red.

Here’s the full graphic posted to Instagram by MarlinsReport:

And how the logo would compare with other logos in Marlins history:

If this is legit, and we believe it to be, this would certainly be an upgrade over the current black-and-orange set used by the team since 2012. That colour scheme, particularly, is very interesting — I’m curious to see the proper shades of blue and red here and how they all work together on the uniform set.

The leak comes just a few hours after a report surfaced that the Marlins would be getting a new logo for the 2019 season.