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Report: Miami Marlins Getting New Logos for 2019

It appears the Miami Marlins will continue to distance themselves from the Jeffrey Loria era, next up is a new logo.

According to a report on the Marlins will be changing things up by upping the amount of blue in their overall look, the logo will also keep an “M” (so they’ll still be Miami) but it’ll be re-designed, same with the marlin.

From the report:

“According to multiple industry sources who have seen the new look, there is a different M and more blue … An actual marlin on the logo remains, but has been adjusted.”

The article goes on the mention the new look should be unveiled sometime next month.

Miami jumped back to their past last season wearing throwback teal uniforms during a promotional 25th anniversary weekend, it was the first time since the club dropped the colour following the 2011 season. In November 2011 then owner-Loria announced a radical re-design which included a name change from Florida to Miami as well as altering the colour scheme from teal, black, and silver to black and orange. Recently another report surfaced saying the Marlins would also bring back the teal for a weekend in 2019.

If the report is true it would be the second logo change in three years (and third in eight) for the Marlins, the team had also made some minor adjustments to their look prior to 2017.