Leaks and Peeks at New Warriors, Pistons, Bulls Uniforms

Hey NBA, Nike… I recommend you just unveil these things already.

Two new leaks and a sneak peek that showed a little more than they hoped gave us early looks at three more new “City Edition” uniforms today, this follows a slew of leaks over the past few weeks including the new uniforms for the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and Toronto Raptors.

Today it’s the Detroit Pistons and Golden State Warriors who were leaked alongside the Chicago Bulls who revealed a little too much in a teaser, let’s take a look:

The Pistons uniform was first posted to a Facebook Pistons Fan Page before hitting Twitter, it shows a dark navy blue uniform with light blue numbers with “MOTOR CITY” arched across the front just as the Pistons have been wearing on their alternates and City uniforms for the past several years. Down the middle of the jersey behind the team name & player number is two vertical blue stripes, racing stripes perhaps?

Next up is the Golden State Warriors, I’m unsure of the original source of the leak but we first saw it on UniWatch this morning:

The Warriors jersey carries over their usual colour scheme but adds Chinese characters and a re-designed bridge logo on the chest with “THE BAY” around it, there’s also a striping pattern up at least one side of the jersey. Yesterday, we learned the Rockets would also use Chinese characters on their “City Edition” uniform.

The Chicago Bulls posted a teaser of their new “City Edition” uniform but thanks to Twitter user @JoeDGemma playing around with some levels in Photoshop… Ta-da!

We can easily see that the jersey has the City flag of Chicago, two horizontal blue bars with four red stars between them, across the front in place of the “Chicago” wordmark the team had on their “City” uniform last year. The new ad patch added by the team just the other day for 2018-19 is also seen.