NFL Unveils Logo for 100th Anniversary Season

The NFL unveiled the logo they’ll be using throughout 2019 to celebrate their 100th anniversary season during halftime of the Thursday Night game yesterday. The logo will be worn on the front of every team’s uniform “near the neck area” during the 2019 season as well as being added to game balls.

The logo features a “100” in blue embossed lettering with a blue football streaking through it diagonally leaving a red trail; the NFL’s familiar shield logo is placed in the bottom-right corner of the design.

Comparing the NFL’s 100th anniversary logo to those used in 1969 and 1994

“For nearly 100 years, the NFL has been part of the fabric of America, unifying communities and bringing fans together to support their favourite teams and players,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in the official release. “We have the greatest fans in the world. Next year, we will join our fans in celebrating what this incredible game means to each of us.”

The NFL had previously celebrated anniversary seasons for their 50th in 1969 and their 75th in 1994. In both of those celebrations, as is the case in 2019, all teams wore a patch commemorating the milestone anniversary; in 1994 many teams wore throwback uniforms at a time when wearing a throwback uniform in sports were just starting to become a thing; many uniforms were wrong, especially the helmet/jersey combos, but we still had joy, we had fun.

Patches were previously worn for the 50th and 75th anniversaries of the NFL
A quick mockup of how the patch may look on a uniform in 2019

The league says there are still many fun things they’ve yet to announce for 2019, I imagine we’ll see some old-timey uniforms as we did in ’94, I mean… why would any league avoid throwback uniforms for a centennial season *staring directly at the NHL*