2018 NFL Week 7 Uniform Matchups

Here we are in Week Seven of the 2018 NFL season, with another game in London (just put a team there already), a few “ColorRush” uniforms, and yes, a couple of throwbacks in there too.

Overall, not a great week aesthetically speaking on the gridiron. A potential great looking matchup in San Francisco – with the 49ers wearing their 1994 throwback uniforms – is marred by their opponents from Los Angeles going with their all-yellow ColorRush; there’s the Nike Bowl in Tampa, and the Chiefs in all red is never a look I can get behind.

Here’s what we know so far about uniform matchups this week in the NFL; unfortunately, we couldn’t confirm anything from the Redskins-Cowboys game but I’m expecting the Redskins to force the Cowboys to wear their blues as is (was?) tradition:

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Throwbacks by the 49ers and Atlanta Falcons, “ColorRush” from the Rams, Jets, and Cardinals.

For “Uniform Matchup of the Week”, it was another tough choice, and well, my hands are tied here, how could it not be Redskins-Cowboys?

This assumes that Washington doesn’t pull an audible and go with a Rams-esque yellow ColorRush, of course.

Honourable mentions: Chargers-Titans, Jaguars-Texans, Bills-Colts, Patriots-Bears