More NBA City Uniform Leaks: Nets, Pacers, and Knicks

Hey, look! More new NBA uniform leaks.

Despite the fact that almost half the league now has had their new uniforms revealed prematurely by retail employees and customers coming across the yet-to-be-unveiled uniforms, Nike and the NBA are still set on launching these officially during the second week of November. So let’s do them a solid and just all act surprised when that happens, it’ll make them feel better.

Today we’ve got the Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, and New York Knicks – the two New York clubs were both posted to Reddit/NBA by user zCynik while the Pacers jersey got out on Twitter via @IndySportsOne with an assist from @KeatingZoss.

Moving in alphabetical order, the new Brooklyn Nets “City Edition” uniform, which looks like was spotted in the back room at some sort of clothing store, sticks to the Nets usual colour scheme of black-and-white but with a colourful pattern around the neck and around each arm. This same pattern continues around to the back.

Pardon my ignorance, but it’s not immediately clear to me what this pattern is meant to represent – possibly it’s influenced by traditional African designs? This is one we’ll have to wait until the official unveiling to get more information on.

The new Indiana Pacers “City Edition” uniform was spotted by a customer already out for sale at a store in Indiana, the jersey is grey with PACERS across the front in yellow italics with blue trim and the player number below, colours flipped. Up one side of the jersey are a series of blue and yellow diagonal stripes, this feature is only present on the front of the uniform:

At first glance, this looks to be a modern, re-coloured version of the Indiana Pacers “FloJo” uniforms they wore from 1990 through 1997.

Finally (for now, right?) the New York Knicks “City Edition” uniform was also spotted in the back room of a clothing store by the same jersey fan that spotted the Nets uniform earlier in this post.

New York’s “City” uniform, like the Pacers, has a throwback influence with the alternating blue-and-orange stripes around the collar, sleeves, and down each side. The Knicks first wore a uniform featuring this unique striping pattern over 60 years ago, the original run from 1952 through 1961. Back then the “NEW YORK” and player number were both orange, updated here to white, and also perhaps a darker shade of blue overall… it’s hard to tell if the lighting is just poor or if that’s how it actually looks.

These three are the latest in a series of leaks featuring Nike and the NBA’s “City Edition” jersey designs for 2018-19, previous uniforms to leak include the LakersRaptorsRocketsBulls, PistonsCelticsWarriors, and Timberwolves.