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NFL: At Least Three in Throwbacks This Weekend

The NFL will see at least three teams wearing throwback uniforms in Week 8 coming up this weekend.

The Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Los Angeles Rams will all wear old looks – for the Bears and Steelers it’s the first time wearing these throwback uniforms in 2018, the Rams have been wearing theirs as a de facto home uniform this year.

Chicago Bears throwback uniform for Week 8

Chicago will wear their standard throwback uniform which they’ve worn now at least once per season since 2012 this Sunday against the New York Jets. It’s a navy blue jersey with orange stripes, numbers, and lettering (no white trim anywhere); the helmet navy blue with no logo, it closely resembles what the Bears originally wore from 1941-1949.

The Steelers will be debuting their new throwback uniform, unveiled earlier this year during the off-season, on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. Overall the design is very similar to what the team already wears, it’s one of those changes that the average, neutral football viewer probably wouldn’t even notice.

Pittsburgh Steelers 1968-96 throwback uniforms this weekend

The main differences are the number font going from italics to a standard block and the removal of the Steelers primary logo from the front of the jersey near the shoulder.  Pittsburgh originally wore uniforms like this style from 1968-1996 including for victories at Super Bowls X, XIII, and XIV.

The Rams classic throwbacks return once again this weekend

Finally, the Los Angeles Rams will once again wear their 1973-1999 throwback blue-and-yellow uniform, the Rams have already played once in this set back in Week 4 against the Vikings, they’ll wear them again another three times before the year is up (and maybe even in the playoffs too?). Los Angeles will be matched up against the Green Bay Packers in what should be a great uniform pairing.