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Moose Jaw Warriors Unveil Sleek New Logo for Third Jersey

The Moose Jaw Warriors of Canada’s Western Hockey League unveiled their new alternate third uniform with a sleek new logo as the star.

Let’s stop right now. This has to be the future primary logo of the Moose Jaw Warriors, perhaps very soon, there’s no way it couldn’t be, it’s just such a massive upgrade in every way possible over the team’s extraordinarily dated look, which has remained relatively untouched since the 1980s:

Right? Let’s just get the ball rolling on this for 2019-20 immediately.

The actual new alternate uniforms are red with three very thin black stripes on each sleeve, a design pattern carried over from the Warriors’ usual home and road uniform. Here’s a look of the jersey with a quote from the team’s director of business operations about their thoughts on the new look:

The Warriors seem to feel the new logo is fairly strong as their team shop is already dominated by merchandise featuring it, again I hope this is a sign that they’re considering this as their full-time look:

Yes, my review is glowing, simply because the previous logo needed to be changed so very long ago, the new logo, however, gives a feeling that the team could be an affiliate of the AHL’s Manitoba Moose (who play in Winnipeg, the city the Warriors relocated from in the early 80s)… but if you’re going to imitate a logo, it might as well be one as solid as the Moose.