New Uniforms Leak for Sixers, Pelicans

It’s Monday, so… here’s your NBA City Uniform leak review.

This morning we have two new uniforms – posted to Instagram by user Talk Sole – showing the designs of both the New Orleans Pelicans and Philadelphia 76ers, as well as confirming earlier leaks of the Thunder, Celtics, and Lakers.

My first impression of the Pelicans uniform was “Wow, they look more like the Jazz than the Jazz do”, but then I realized this was more likely a tribute to Mardi Gras than the team that once called New Orleans home some four decades ago.

It carries forward with the idea of last year’s City Uniform, both reading “NOLA” and using the same fonts and colours, but this year’s shifts the stripes from a vertical design up each side to a horizontal trio across the front. I’m calling it an improvement but that’s not to say the old one was poor, both are good looking uniforms (it’s just that neither have nothing to do with the Pelicans, but I suppose that’s “the point” of this series)

Moving on to the Philadelphia 76ers who are going with a grey jersey trimmed in the Sixers usual colours of red, white, and blue. The front of the jersey shows thirteen white stars in a circle with the player number in the middle, I’m really hoping this design is replicated on the back exactly as it is on the front.:

A downgrade versus last year’s pretty awesome uniforms based off of the Declaration of Independence with the wordmark even meant to mimic the handwriting on the historic document, signed in Philadelphia back in (ready for this?) 1776… see, ’76 -> 76ers… there it is.

Both of these leaked photos have been confirmed to us as being legit.

These two are just the latest in a long series now of leaks featuring Nike and the NBA’s “City Edition” jersey designs for 2018-19, previous uniforms to leak include the Thunder, LakersRaptorsRocketsBulls, PistonsCelticsWarriorsTimberwolves, Pacers, Nets, and Knicks.