Logos of the World Series Champions: 1903-2018

Bad news, baseball’s over for another year. Begin the countdown to Spring Training.

With the Boston Red Sox topping the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2018 World Series, I took the opportunity to give our World Series Champions logo history page a makeover this week.

Previously the page showed each team’s primary logo from their championship season on a white rectangle (to mimic a banner), as of today this section leads with the cap logo (where available) from that season with each rectangle coloured to match their home cap, I’ve also included an image of the championship trophy as it looked that year into each spot.

Example of how the section looked before today and now:

So here’s the final result of all those changes (plus the addition of Boston’s 2018 win), every year is represented here going all the way back to the first World Series held in 1903, divided by decade. Click the image for a larger version or just go to the actual section for the best view:

Click for larger view

Blue a great run there in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Some things, a few teams in the earlier years did not wear a logo on their cap, the most recent of which are the Cardinals in 1934, in these instances, I used a “primary logo” or another jersey/alternate logo the club was using during this time. There are also a few cases where caps included striping (’79 Pirates) or were on a white panel (’83 Orioles, ’92 Blue Jays) – for these years I used their usual cap logo on a solid dark background to maintain a consistent overall look.

There are two World Series which were never played, in 1904 and 1994, for these two years I used the Baseball Hall of Fame plaque of who typically gets the blame for the cancellation of each series (cancel a World Series, get into the Hall of Fame!)

The new World Series trophy makes its first appearance with the Yankees win in 2000, the original World Series trophy first appears in 1967… before then there was no trophy, just a pennant to fly at your home stadium.

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