NBA: Colourful Bucks, Los Suns New “City” Uniforms Leak

It’s a new day, therefore there are of course two more NBA City Edition uniform leaks to report on – the Milwaukee Bucks and the Phoenix Suns. Both of the leaks have been confirmed to us as legitimate.

Starting with Milwaukee, the Bucks are going with a unique multi-coloured design replacing their “Cream City” set from last season. No, it’s not a pie chart, it looks to be more of a reference to the court design at The MECCA, the original home arena of the Bucks – a court design the team (quite awesomely) brought back for a few games in a recent season. The Bucks uniform was posted to Instagram as a “Story” by user Savage Sostra, Twitter user @BowenHobbs shared this find with us on Twitter. Thanks!

Take a look:

We’ve seen courts designed to match elements from a uniform, I’m not sure we’ve ever seen it the other way around. Very curious to see the shorts and how they pair with this top to complete the look of the court.

I’m leaning towards this being an improvement over what was worn last season, while both uniforms are fairly unique for basketball the new City Edition uniform is much more colourful and really cranks up the uniqueness knob while still maintaining a decent overall look. Let’s see the shorts!


The Phoenix Suns had their City Edition uniforms leaked earlier in the week and their design was so forgettable I literally forgot to report on it.

So do you remember their “Los Suns” City uniforms from last season? You don’t? Oh, well, there ya go.

The jersey was found on the floor at a Phoenix-area Dick’s Sporting Goods and Tweeted out by @FDotBasketCom.

The new “Los Suns” jersey fits much more in with the Suns usual uniform rotation, it just feels like a Phoenix Suns uniform which is an improvement over last year’s two shades of purple and nothing else. It’s hard to see in the photo we have here but there also appears to be a diamond pattern in the letters and numbers.

This brings the total to sixteen(!) leaks for the NBA’s “City Edition” jersey designs this season, we’re now at a point where there are more uniforms that have leaked that haven’t. Previous uniforms to leak include the Thunder, LakersRaptorsRocketsBulls, PistonsCelticsWarriorsTimberwolvesPacers, Nets, Knicks, 76ers, and Pelicans.