Bulls Show Civic Pride With New Chicago Flag Uniforms

Ask most people what their city’s flag looks like and you’re almost certain to get “our city has a flag?” asked back.

Not if you’re talking to anyone from Chicago where it’s not at all uncommon to see their local flag, four six-pointed red stars surrounded by two blue horizontal bars, flying from patios and sold on t-shirts and caps.

This pride for their hometown is reflected in the new “City Edition” uniform unveiled this afternoon by the Chicago Bulls who for the second season in a row have opted to design a new uniform based on Chicago’s flag.

The two bars represent the two bodies of water in Chicago, Lake Michigan and the Chicago River while the four stars note four historical moments in the history of the city: the Battle of Fort Dearborn (1812), the Great Chicago Fire (1871), and two expos held there in 1893 and 1933. The Cubs winning the World Series in 2016 didn’t make the cut.

Chicago will wear the new black, red, and powder blue uniforms eight times this season, all of which will be played at home in Chicago:

November 10 vs Cleveland
November 23 vs Miami
December 26 vs Minnesota
January 6 vs Brooklyn
January 25 vs LA Clippers
February 23 vs Boston
March 6 vs Philadelphia
April 9 vs New York