Nuggets Bring Back the Rainbow With New Uniform

The Denver Nuggets are bringing back the rainbow skyline.

Unveiled this morning at midnight Eastern Time (and also why this article is coming nine hours later), the Nuggets new “City Edition” uniform takes some heavy inspiration but features some necessary modernization from the design originally worn by the Nuggets from 1981-1993.

Denver went back to the rainbow because of “the standout design that represented the vibrancy and growth of Denver that occurred in the 1980’s”, the team also adding that the team made the playoffs in nine consecutive seasons (1982-90) while wearing this style.

The 2019 version of the uniform sees some distinct changes, the rainbow now has each of the six colours broken up several thin lines, the number of lines per colour increasing as you move from red at the top down through purple at the bottom. The skyline itself seems to be simplified slightly, at least one building has been removed (I’m not familiar enough with Downtown Denver to come up with a reason why).

Across the bottom of the jersey the team name returns but now in the updated 2018 font, player number is also back in the upper left with the new font. I’m also pretty sure that Western Union logo wasn’t there in 1985.

The rainbow/mountain design continues onto the shorts where it’s included on either side with “DENVER” above it.

Here’s a look at the original set to help jog your memory:

Denver will wear the new version of these rainbow uniforms for seven games in the 2018-19 season, the full schedule here:

Tuesday, Nov. 13Houston Rockets
Tuesday, Nov. 27LA Lakers
Sunday, Jan. 13Portland Trailblazers
Saturday, Jan. 19Cleveland Cavaliers
Saturday, March 2New Orleans Pelicans
Saturday, March 16Indiana Pacers
Wednesday, April 10Minnesota Timberwolves

The Nuggets are just one of many teams to unveil their new City Edition uniforms today, the Hornets and Timberwolves are two that we know of for sure, the 76ers unveiled theirs on Tuesday.