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Marlins Tease New Colours, New Logo On the Way

The Miami Marlins this morning dropped a hint for their new logo that seemed to at least confirm the colour scheme from the leak we saw last month.

In case you forgot, back in October we learned the Marlins were going for an all-new look in 2019 – new logo, new colours, new uniforms. About two hours later the apparent logo leaked via a 2019 Spring Training graphic posted to an Instagram account.

The graphic at the top of this post features the logo from that leaked image, hence the somewhat less-than-crisp rendering (hey, it’s a leak, back in my day they were blurry and in black-and-white)

Today’s teaser shows buildings from the Miami area in blue, red, and black, the same colours we saw in that leak, with the hashtag “#OurColores” (Spanish for “colours”) and the caption “The colors of our city” (American for “colours”).

We’re unsure when exactly the Marlins are planning on unveiling the new look but the initial report suggested sometime in November and… *checks calendar* yes, any day now it would seem.

I’m still on board this train, I love the colours I’ve seen here, very unique to the Marlins and very Miami – of course, including a little teal wouldn’t have hurt anyone (unless that blue *is* teal? the more I look at it, the more I see teal instead of blue) but it’s a vast improvement over being the third black-and-orange team in the league.