Vice Nights 2.0: Miami Heat Unveil New City Uniform

Vice Nights are returning to Miami, the Heat officially unveiled the second version of their Vice series of uniforms this morning.

Officially classified as their “City Edition” uniform, the jersey carries forward the same theme as last year’s, the pink, blue, and black bringing back memories of the 1980s in Miami such as the signage outside the old Miami Arena and the hit television series Miami VICE.

The uniform matches the leaked design we saw earlier in October.

The Heat will wear the uniforms 15 times in 2018-19, all but one of those are at home (and almost all of them are in November and December) here’s the full schedule:

November 9 vs Indiana
November 10 vs Washington
November 12 vs Philadelphia
November 18 vs LA Lakers
November 20 vs Brooklyn
November 27 vs Atlanta
November 30 vs New Orleans
December 2 vs Utah
December 4 vs Orlando
December 20 vs Houston
December 22 vs Milwaukee
February 23 vs Detroit
February 25 vs Phoenix
February 27 vs Golden State
April 7 at Toronto

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