Reds Celebrate 150th with 15 Throwback Uniforms in 2019

The Cincinnati Reds will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first professional baseball team next season with a commemorative logo, patch, and *fifteen* different throwback uniforms, among other things.

Not to be outdone by the Chicago Cubs, who in 2014 announced nine throwback uniforms for the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, the Reds will rock the 15 different uniforms only during weekend home games and not until the start of May. Throwback uniform games will make up nearly 20% of the Reds home schedule in 2019 (15 of 81 = 18.5%).

Two of the more visually interesting uniforms the Reds will wear next season, all blue 1911 (left) and 1936 with red pants

Sorry, Reds fans of the 19th century, you’re out of luck! The fifteen throwback uniforms which were chosen by the club span from 1902 through 1999, I would’ve loved to see the team try to wear something based on the 1869 uniform, considering that’s the club who’s anniversary is being celebrated here.

The team said they chose uniforms both important to the history of the team, such as World Series championship uniforms from 1919, 1976, and 1990; as well as uniforms that were just interesting to look at, like the all navy blue road uniform from 1911 or the “Palm Beach” alternate of 1936 which features red pants.

The team was careful to include appropriate commemorative patches from the seasons being recognized, the 1939 uniform has the Baseball Century patch from that season, 1969 has the MLB 100 patch, 1976 a patch for the United States Bi-Centennial, and 1990’s includes both patches the team wore during the World Series – the Series patch and a US Flag for Operation Desert Storm.

Here’s the Cincinnati Reds full throwback uniform schedule for 2019 and the uniform that will be worn that day:

May 4 vs San Francisco, 1902 Home cream
May 5 vs San Francisco, 1911 Road blue
May 19 vs LA Dodgers, 1912 Home cream
June 2 vs Washington, 1919 World Series Home white
June 15 vs Texas, 1935 Home cream
June 30 vs Chi Cubs, 1936 Alternate cream/red
July 6 vs Cleveland, 1939 Home cream
July 7 vs Cleveland, 1956 Road grey
July 21 vs St. Louis, 1961 Home white
July 28 vs Colorado, 1967 Home white
August 11 vs Chi Cubs, 1969 Home white
August 17 vs St. Louis, 1976 Home white
August 18 vs St. Louis, 1990 Home white
September 8 vs Arizona, 1995 Home white
September 22 vs NY Mets, 1999 Home white

The 150th-anniversary logo features a graphical representation of the Palace of the Fans, which was the Reds’ home stadium from 1902 through 1911 with architecture inspired by the great temples of the ancient Greeks and Romans. A “150” is in front of the stadium structure in the Reds current numerical font, a banner wraps around two crossed bats reading “RED STOCKINGS EST. 1869”, the logo which appeared on the 1869 Red Stockings uniform is at the bottom in red on a home plate shape.

The Palace of the Fans, Cincinnati 1902-1911

This logo will be worn on the side of the Reds caps and jerseys throughout the 2019 season, at home both cap and jersey patch features the full logo while on the road the stadium is removed.

We’re still waiting to see if Major League Baseball will roll out a league-wide 150th anniversary patch, I would be surprised if they didn’t.