Raptors, Clippers Unveil New City Edition Uniforms

Tonight, the Los Angeles Clippers and Toronto Raptors both unveiled their new City Edition uniforms; this just mere minutes after the Chicago Blackhawks unveiled their Winter Classic uniform. It’s been a busy few days here, I’d kinda like to rest.

Starting with the Clippers because, well, it’s just so much more interesting than Toronto’s…

LA’s amazing Olympic-inspired City uniform is navy blue with red and white stripes up each side in honour of the Team USA basketball uniforms worn at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Within these stripes are red stars, the five stars represent the five Olympic rings on the Olympic logo, a new “LA” wordmark across the chest is based on the logo of the Los Angeles-hosted Summer Olympic Games back in 1984.

At the base of the jersey is “VOICE OF THE CLIPPERS” and the signature of longtime Clippers broadcaster Ralph Lawler, Lawler announced he would be retiring at the end of the season following 40 years of calling Clippers basketball games.

The Clippers swell new uniform will be worn six times: November 10 vs Milwaukee, December 22 vs Denver, January 12 vs Detroit, January 27 vs Sacramento, March 3 vs New York, and March 30 vs Cleveland.

Toronto’s City Edition uniform is the same as last year’s, flip black with white. A gold chevron points north, “NORTH” written within that chevron in black.

They’re calling it the OVO City Edition Jersey, OVO = “October’s Very Own”, which is the company run by musician and proud Torontonian Drake (so with Minnesota’s Prince uniform and Brooklyn’s B.I.G. set, that’s three musician-inspired uniforms in the NBA this year).

Like the Clippers, they’ll wear their City Edition six times: November 23 vs Washington, December 21 vs Cleveland, January 11 vs Brooklyn, March 1 vs Portland, March 14 vs the Lakers, and March 22 vs Oklahoma City.