MLS: FC Cincinnati Unveils Logo Representing Everything

The newest Major League Soccer team FC Cincinnati (now officially long-named “Football Club Cincinnati”) unveiled their team logo ahead of their 2019 expansion season at Cincinnati’s Woodward Theater last night.

Designed by Interbrand, the logo has an explanation attached to just about everything featured in it, from the badge shaped like a soccer ball pattern to the number of feathers on a wing matching the years the team had to wait before entering MLS.

The full explanation:

This paragraph appears fourth in the article to represent the four times I shook my head while making that graphic. Not every little thing needs an explanation, let’s just go with the crown/lion for “Queen City”, the tail a “C” for Cincinnati, and *maybe* the seven points for the Seven Hills and keep the design exactly the same. The rest feels like it could’ve been made up long after the logo was already designed.

The logo is blue-and-orange, the team taking the colour scheme from their entry in the United Soccer League but with both colours brightened, a winged lion wearing a crown and holding a sword is also carried over.

“We’re incredibly proud of the development process and what we present today as our final product”,  FC Cincinnati President and GM Jeff Berding said to  “We firmly believe these new marks and brand system are a perfect representation of our club as we enter Major League Soccer. We introduced local, organic elements to refresh our look, yet kept specific iconography from our early years to retain familiarity.”

FC Cincinnati takes to the field, kicking off their first MLS season this coming March. The schedule is likely to be released early in the new year.