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Our Colores: Miami Marlins Unveil New Logos, Uniforms for 2019

The Miami Marlins have a whole new look for 2019, a new logo, new uniforms, and new colores.

Unveiled via a video uploaded to their social media channels, the new logo shows a marlin leaping in “Miami Blue”, “Caliente Red”, “Midnight Black” and “Slate Grey” with the stitching of a baseball to its right. A new “Miami” script in those same colours at the bottom of the marlin.

Influenced by Latin-American typography, the “M” used on the secondary logo and on the “Miami” wordmark features a curved tapered serif font, the Miami wordmark uses the same font style and accent colours as the original Miami Marlins Minor League team and the old Havana Sugar Kings.

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The Marlins describe the logo as being “vibrant in ways that uniquely represent the Miami community” while saying it also “embodies refinement and style, with a focus on looking forward – towards the future.”

Four new jerseys were posted to MLBShop.com early morning on Friday, only one of the caps added to the shop was listed as “On-Field”. The four jersey colours are white and grey (of course) with two alternate options, a black and one titled “blue thunder”. The one cap is black and at this point, we’re presuming it’ll be worn with all four jerseys.

First, the cap:

An all black cap with the secondary logo up front, the New Era logo on the side in blue, which works better here than if they went with white. We also learn from this that the Marlins designated MLB silhouette colours are black/white/blue.

On to the uniforms, let’s take a look at their four options:

At home, we have a white jersey with “MIAMI” (not “Marlins”) scripted across the front using the same font as the primary logo, black with blue trim and a red drop shadow. Player name is two colour (black with blue trim) and the numbers in a custom font mimick the wordmark in terms of colouring – black with blue trim and a red drop shadow. Each sleeve has three very thin stripes right at the cuff – from shoulder to cuff the stripes go black/blue/red. Sleeve patch is the primary logo without the Miami script.

The away uniform follows the same format as the home jersey but with a traditional grey base (no D-backs funny business going on here) instead of white. Like the home, “Miami” is across the chest, the player name and number are the same font and colours, and the sleeve patch featuring the primary mark without the script. Here we get a good example of the baseball design on the primary logo being left open, in other words, the baseball area is whatever colour the logo is being shown on, in this case, the baseball is grey.

Here’s the uniform we all expected to see when we got our first look at the new set. Miami’s new all-black alternate jersey. Unlike the home and road, this jersey comes with “Marlins” scripted across the front, the only jersey in the set to use the team’s nickname. Everything else remains the same as the home and road, black name/number, same sleeve striping, same sleeve patch.

You wanted a blue jersey, you’re getting a blue jersey! Personally, while I would’ve preferred this one read “Marlins” across the chest, we’re at least seeing a little deviation from the other three jerseys in the set. The Marlins secondary/cap logo is placed in the upper-left corner of the chest, the sleeve patch is removed but the striping remains the same. On the back we see a little difference in colouring to the name and number as what was blue on the other three jerseys is now white.

Here’s a look at all four jerseys together:

Again, we’re just assuming that this black cap is the only (non-holiday) cap the club will be wearing during regular season play in 2019 based on the listings over at MLBShop.com

This is the third major rebrand the Marlins have undertaken in their 27-year history, the first since 2011 and while each of these rebrands feels very different they all feature a marlin leaping and the same general colour scheme of black, blue, and red (the shades of these colours and how they’re distributed amongst the overall look of the team has certainly changed).

The Marlins are expected to officially unveil their new uniforms later this morning, at that point we’ll be able to learn what the pants and socks will look like and see if there are any additional caps to be worn with this set (I’d be surprised if it was just the one, wouldn’t you?).

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