Cleveland Indians Unveil New Uniforms, Cap for 2019

The Cleveland Indians have just unveiled the cap which will replace Chief Wahoo as well as a new red and blue alternate uniform for use in the 2019 season.

First the cap, designated as their home cap it’s just a straight-up switcheroo for the Tribe, Wahoo is gone, the “C” in its place; we get the same navy blue crown, red visor, and red pill. It’s similar to what the Indians wore as their cap in the mid-1980s before they switched to Wahoo.

This cap will be worn at home both with the home jersey and new home alternate jersey… and speaking of new home alternate jersey, the Indians have one!

Following the same template as their home and existing blue alternate jersey, the uniform is red with “Indians” scripted across the front with blue trim on each sleeve, it’s the first regular red jersey for the Indians since 1977 (now can we bring back the 1970s “C” maybe?)

There’s also a new blue road alternate jersey which seems to be replacing what was their usual blue alternate (and boy did the team love to wear it, was their defacto home and road jersey the last several seasons). It’s a blue version of the existing road, CLEVELAND in red and white arched on blue, no piping or trim, All-Star Patch on the sleeve.

The changes to the other uniforms are as simple as swapping out Wahoo for the “C” or the All-Star patch,  here are the 2019 Cleveland Indians home, road, and road blue alternate uniforms:

Gotta say, I didn’t think I’d like it, but that new blue/red cap with the “C” is pretty nice. Amazing what a little splash of red can do to an otherwise blah look. I still think the logo on its own isn’t enough for the Indians to run with as their primary look, hoping for a total re-design in 2020.

You can buy the new caps and jerseys here, jerseys are 25% off using BASE25 until midnight ET November 19, 2018.