Winnipeg Jets Announce Two Throwback Games

The Winnipeg Jets will be turning back the clock twice in the next few months, taking to the ice wearing the uniforms the previous Winnipeg Jets wore during their final few seasons in the old World Hockey Association.

With a similar design to those worn at the 2017 Heritage Classic, the Jets will first don the 1979 throwback look on the road in Edmonton on New Year’s Eve, this is an especially delicious treat as that’s the same night the Edmonton Oilers were set to wear their 1980s throwback blue uniforms. The result of this is a uniform matchup similar to what was worn in the final WHA game ever, the 1979 AVCO World Cup Final in which the Jets beat the Oilers to win their third consecutive Cup.

The Jets and Oilers during the 1979 WHA Avco World Cup Final; both teams will wear similar uniforms on December 31, 2018

Winnipeg will roll out the retro jerseys once more on February 26, 2019, at home against the Minnesota Wild (if the Wild were cool, they’d wear a Minnesota Fighting Saints uniform… I mean, you are cool, right, Minnesota? Do it!). The Jets are wearing the uniform for this game as part of a Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame induction ceremony which is being held that same week.

These throwbacks were previously worn for a game in January 2017 against the Calgary Flames, they were originally rolled out to be worn at the 2016 Heritage Classic at Winnipeg against the Edmonton Oilers who wore orange for the outdoor game.

The Jets wore these throwbacks twice during the 2016-17 season

The old Winnipeg Jets originally wore this set from 1973-74 through 1978-79, all during their time in the World Hockey Association. The Jets were then granted an expansion franchise in the NHL for the 1979-80 season and adopted slightly different uniforms which included a stripe that went all the way down the arm rather than stopping at the shoulder. Winnipeg would undergo a logo and uniform change again in 1990 which they wore until their final season in Manitoba, relocating to Phoenix becoming the Coyotes in 1996.

The current Jets team are the relocated Atlanta Thrashers, moving north in 2011, they continue to accurately acknowledge the Thrashers as a part of their franchise history and records, and not the original 1979-96 Jets team.

A different kind of Jets-Oilers 1979 throwback game