OKC Thunder Leak Their New Fifth Uniform

Didya hear? There’s a whole new set of NBA uniforms still to come this year. Of course, this means we’re about to get a whole new batch of leaks.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, who were one of the first to have their “City” Edition uniform leaked have now (accidentally?) leaked out their new fifth “Earned” uniform via the schedule portion of their official website (h/t to Twitter/@Z_Keeling for spotting this):

A début date of December 30th on the schedule matches up with a listing of “COMING SOON” for the Thunder on that same day on the NBA Lockervision site. The uniform, at least based on this tiny image, looks to be an orange (“warm red”) recolour of the Thunder’s existing “Statement” uniform and will be worn several more times in the 2019 half of the 2018-19 schedule.

The “Earned Edition” uniform, according to an image on the Washington Wizards site, is a fifth uniform reserved for teams which qualified for the postseason in the season previous:

Debuting “Winter 2018” we’ll start to see the new uniforms appear for the sixteen playoff qualifying clubs from 2017-18 on the court across the NBA on Christmas Day and throughout the week leading up to New Year’s Day.