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All Eight XFL Team Locations for 2020 Revealed A Week Early

The eight markets chosen for the inaugural season of XFL 2.0 appear to have been revealed, inadvertently, a few days too early.

With an announcement date slated for this Wednesday, the eight markets were reportedly posted on the XFL’s league contact page where it was spotted by This contact page no longer shows this information from what I could see, but here’s what Mandatory reported seeing on there last night:

Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
St. Louis, MO
Seattle, WA
Tampa Bay, FL
Washington, DC


A commenter on a post at shared his own “inside information” a few hours before Mandatory reported on the list of eight, his list matches these eight, plus includes information on the divisional alignment (four in the East: NY/STL/TB/WSH and four in the West:DAL/HOU/LA/SEA) stadiums to be used, according to the commenter most of the clubs seem to be set to use stadiums currently used by MLS clubs (Dallas, Houston, LA, NY, DC) with the others using current or former NFL buildings (Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay).

Each of the eight markets chosen for XFL’s second attempt has held NFL franchises for a number of years, in fact, all but one is currently home to an NFL team. The XFL’s first crack back in 2001 put teams in Birmingham, Orlando, Las Vegas, and Memphis in addition to NFL markets Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. The league lasted just one season but caught the attention of many football fans who enjoyed some of the unconventional rules such as the football face off instead of a coin flip and not allowing teams to kick to score an extra point after touchdowns, two-point conversions only.

The new XFL is scheduled to begin their inaugural season in 2020, one year after the new Alliance of American Football kicks off in 2019.