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G-League Suns Become Rodeo Clowns For a Night

You might want to leave the younger kids home for this one. For one night and only one night, the NBA G-League’s Northern Arizona Suns will be known as the Northern Arizona Rodeo Clowns.

“It’s about being unique, fun, and different”, said President of the NAZ Suns and lead nightmare-maker, Chris Presson. “It’s about the western heritage for the region as a whole”

Borrowing from the trend which has taken over Minor League Baseball the last few seasons, the NAZ Suns will don Rodeo Clowns uniforms and be referred to as such throughout their game on January 19th against the Texas Legends.

“We want to be fun and we want to be creative,” Presson added. “We want to give a nod to the past so that we’re recognizing the Fain Land and Cattle Company, the World’s Oldest Rodeo, the PBR, the PRCA Turquoise Rodeo and so much more.”

Jerseys will be auctioned off at some point after the game and the first 1000 fans to enter the building will receive a NAZ Suns branded cowboy hat.

“I was thinking about the characteristics of a rodeo clown and how it kind of fits what we’re trying to teach our guys,” Bret Burchard the head coach of the Rodeo Clowns said. “Selflessness of the job … and just the joy in which a rodeo clown does his job. I think it was John Wooden who said, ‘You can’t accomplish anything without great enthusiasm.’ So we’d like our team to play with great enthusiasm and great joy, and hopefully, that transcends to the fans and community.”