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Philadelphia Phillies Unveil New Primary Logo

Surprise! The Philadelphia Phillies this afternoon announced their new primary logo for the upcoming 2019 season.

Courtesy a tweet showing a new t-shirt on sale at their official team shop, the team confirmed the new look which eliminates the diamond, darkens the blue, and tweaks the shape of the Liberty Bell.

Here’s a side-by-side with the primary logo the team has used since the 1992 season:

Changes include the blue, the underline below “Phillies” removed, the Liberty Bell silhouette has a slightly different shape at the top of the bell and the thing that holds the bell (I’m going to go with “bell holder”). Again, this is just my estimated re-creation, the shade of blue here is probably not quite right, the exact shape of the bell is probably not perfect either.

How does it stack up with the rest of the Phillies logos?

It works. It looks like a logo the team might have used in the 1950s but never did.

This marks the second new primary logo we’ve seen so far in Major League Baseball for the 2019 season, the Miami Marlins introduced a whole new look last month.

This post has been updated since it was originally published to include the proper 2019 Phillies colour scheme and logos, our original post required an estimation of both