New Earned Uniforms for Heat, Jazz, Warriors Leak

Three more leaks out of the NBA as the league prepares to unveil it’s set of fifth uniforms for the sixteen teams who qualified for the 2018 Playoffs. This uniform set will be known as the “Earned” series and will begin to debut on the court around the league for the games played on Christmas Day.

The leak of the new Miami Heat set via Twitter user @Dont_Hate_The_H3at (though, can I at least hate using a 3 as an “E”?) is certainly the most interesting of this bunch, the uniform features a pink base and follows the same design style as their “Vice” City Edition uniform unveiled last month.

When combined with the white version of this template, used last season as their City uniform we can now assemble a full home, road, alternate design for this set, you can pretend it’s their full-time uniform if you like living in different timelines.

The Earned uniform for the Utah Jazz, tweeted by @WoodyOShea, is a simple green and yellow flip recolour of their yellow statement uniforms:

The Golden State Warriors are adding a second yellow uniform to their rotation of *six* uniforms here in 2018-19, the team will have their white association, blue icon, black statement, navy blue City, yellow classic, and now a yellow earned. The leak first appeared on the forums:

The new Warriors jersey features “The Town” logo which has been on the front of their statement set the last two seasons shown here with grey trim.

Earlier, the Oklahoma City Thunder leaked (accidentally? apathetically?) their Earned uniform via the schedule posted on their official site