Merry Christmas: New Jersey Devils Don Red-and-Green Uniforms Today

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the “Christmas Tree” uniforms.

The New Jersey Devils this afternoon at 12:30 p.m. ET will wear their throwback red and green uniforms, worn originally starting in 1982 – their first season in New Jersey after relocating from Denver, through to 1992. The Devils are playing throwback host to the Columbus Blue Jackets, who didn’t exist when the Devils wore this design. As the Devils are wearing white for a home game, the Blue Jackets will wear their usual home blues for the game.

While the Devils have worn red/green throwbacks several times in the 2010s, usually for St. Patrick’s Day, this is the first time they’ll wear the white version of the set since they replaced them with the red/black uniforms in 1992.

The Devils originally wore this design from 1982-1992

This throwback jersey is officially classified as a “heritage uniform” rather than a third or alternate uniform; the main difference between these two classifications deals with how often they can be worn and commitments to future seasons. A “heritage uniform” can only be worn a maximum of six times per season and can be scrapped after one year while a third or “alternate” uniform must be worn a dozen times and for at least three seasons (or so I’ve been told). The Devils will wear this uniform four times in 2018-19.