2019 NHL All-Star Game Uniforms Unveiled

Out of the water and onto the ice, the National Hockey League and Adidas this afternoon released the uniform designs for the 2019 NHL All-Star Game to be held later this month in San Jose, California.

Going with a monochromatic palette, the jerseys are all black and white with grey striping. The black-and-white colour scheme is explained as being “inspired by the colours of the game”, with crisp white representing the ice surface, and black for the hockey puck. The ice-and-puck look carries over to each of the NHL’s team logos on the chest. Yes, that’s right, team logos on the chest instead of the NHL Shield or a conference logo, this is a first for an NHL All-Star team.

A look at the full jerseys, each team gets two jerseys, one black and one white:

And a closeup of some of the monochromatic team logos:

Heathered grey, similar to what Team North America wore at the 2016 World Cup of Hockey is used as the large middle stripe on each sleeve as well as the bottom of both jerseys.

Only two jersey options across the board this year rather than the four individual designs (one for each division) used in the past two All-Star Games; for 2019 we’re seeing just a black and a white design for each team, this gives us the possibility of one of the teams having to change their uniforms during the intermission in between games.

Not pictured are player names and numbers will be in the appropriate contrasting colour – black or white, the numbers using the perforated style of fabric we’ve seen several teams use in the Adidas era. Nor is the 2019 NHL All-Star Game logo, which will indeed be added as a patch on the right shoulder, we’ll get a little more colour that way.

One bit that may disappoint some is the lack of teal for a jersey worn at a San Jose-hosted All-Star Game, the only bit of the colour so famously associated with the San Jose Sharks is hidden in the inside back collar:

In that collar, you’ll notice the inclusion of a “Parley” logo, this is in reference to Parley Ocean Plastic, which are a range of materials made from upcycled marine plastic debris. For 2019, the first time in the NHL, each jersey has been made using plastic debris collected from bodies of water. The full process, explained by Adidas below:

“The NHL is a recognized leader in addressing major environmental challenges and preserving the roots of our game,” said Brian Jennings, NHL Chief Branding Officer and Executive Vice President in the press release. “Adidas has been an incredible partner in our efforts and shares our commitment to promoting sustainable business practices. Each year, the NHL All-Star Weekend serves as an opportunity to showcase innovations across all aspects of our game. This year’s NHL All-Star Game in San Jose is the perfect setting for Adidas to introduce environmentally-conscious jerseys that complement our focus on environmental stewardship.”

A look now at all of the jersey designs for every team broken up by their divisional teams. Click any of the graphics for a closer look.

Which team looks the best in this template? Los Angeles is an easy answer, it follows their colour scheme nicely and wouldn’t be a bad choice as their regular home/road set. Another good lookin’ team here is Tampa Bay, the black jersey here would make a fairly decent third jersey option for the team.

The 2019 NHL All-Star Game will be played in San Jose, California on Saturday, January 26th.