San Diego Padres 50th Anniversary Logo Leaks

The logo the San Diego Padres will use this season to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their inaugural season leaked last night, just a few days before it was scheduled to be officially unveiled by the team.

Courtesy an OYO Sports figurine of a Padres player wearing their blue digital camouflage uniform, the yet-to-be-revealed commemorative logo appears on the front of the packaging. It shows the classic “Swingin’ Friar” logo on a gold “50”, the archway of San Diego’s famous Gaslamp District above with the team’s primary logo, the first and current seasons noted on a white banner to the left and right of the “50”. The logo appears again as a patch on the right arm of the figurine’s jersey.

As far as I can tell, the logo was first spotted by the Twitter account @619_SN.

The Padres joined the National League as an expansion team along with our dear departed Montreal Expos for the 1969 season. The Padres used the Swingin’ Friar logo seen in the logo above as their primary logo, but in brown, for their first 15 seasons.

San Diego is set on officially unveiling their 50th anniversary logo this Saturday at their annual FanFest event.