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AHL Shows off Colourful New 2019 All-Star Jerseys

The American Hockey League, like the National Hockey League, uses the four-team tournament format for their annual All-Star Game.

Unlike the NHL, the AHL is continuing to give each of those four teams their own unique, colourful jersey (although not with the individual team logo on the chest… hey, nobody’s perfect)

Unveiled yesterday, the league showed us the four jersey designs for the Pacific, Central, Atlantic, and North Divisions to be worn at the 2019 AHL All-Star Classic at Springfield, Mass. on January 29.

All images courtesy the American Hockey League:

Each of the jerseys has AHL across the front, diagonal from bottom right to upper left, three stars and a single stripe on each sleeve, a contrasting shoulder yoke, a division patch on one shoulder and the 2019 AHL All-Star Classic logo on the other. The colours are white, red, blue, and yellow ensuring that regardless of pairing, the uniforms are different enough to and of the teams apart.

My favourite part, because I’m a nerd (newsflash) is the inclusion of a Roman numeral for the year on the shoulder shield, instead of 2019 we get “MMXIX”.


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