Atlanta Braves Tweak Road and Alternate Uniforms for 2019

The Atlanta Braves introduced their new “refreshed” uniforms for 2019 this morning at their annual Chop Fest fan event.

In total there are changes to four of the Braves five uniforms: the road greys – which sees the most minor of updates, the alternate cream jersey adds a single blue stripe on the sleeve, the alternate red tidies things up a bit, and the alternate blues gets the most noticeable change, which to be fair, isn’t too major of a change at all.

Across the board – where applicable, the Braves made a tweak to the style of their “Atlanta” wordmark, the logo, which appears on the front of both their road greys and alternate blue jerseys, looks a little cleaner while appearing slightly more upright than before.

In addition to the updates to those two jerseys, this change also affects the team’s official wordmark logos.

That wordmark update is the only change to the road greys… I warned you it was a minor update. A side-by-side of the road greys 2018 vs 2019:

The home red alternate jersey does away with the “USA! USA!” pattern as well as the United States flag that was on the sleeve that the club had worn since 2014. Replacing that star-spangled Braves wordmark is a plain blue version of it while also re-introducing the tomahawk to the front of the jersey. The piping on the front of the jersey and stripes on the sleeves also lose a white outline, now just a single blue stripe.

Atlanta wore a similar red alternate jersey prior to the patriotic version, from 2005 to 2013, the difference between that and this aren’t much, just the piping as mentioned one paragraph earlier.

After eleven seasons, the road blue alternate jersey *finally* does away with the unnecessary blue logo/blue number on a blue jersey design, it’s now a much more sensible red “Atlanta” wordmark across the front with a red player number (trimmed in white) on the back.

There’s also now silver piping down the front of the jersey and on each sleeve. The road alt is shown paired with the Braves rarely-worn alternate tomahawk cap but we’ll see just how often this combo is actually worn before it’s ditched in favour of their standard uppercase “A” cap.

The home whites will remain in 2019 as they were in 2018.

Here’s a photo of the entire 2019 Atlanta Braves lineup (photo courtesy Atlanta Braves):