First Look: Super Bowl LIV Logo

The NFL will continue with the templated style look for next year’s Super Bowl LIV logo, this according to the official program of the upcoming Super Bowl LIII.

Listed within a section promoting events in the 2019 NFL season, the logo shows the Vince Lombardi Trophy flanked by an “L” to one side and an “IV” on the other – these elements all containing a golden reflection, “Super Bowl” is written below in white on a teal (or aqua) bar – a nod, I’m sure, to the host Miami Dolphins.

Now, minor as they may be, there are a couple of differences in the logo for Super Bowl LIV versus what we’ve seen in the last few games, the aforementioned gold reflection is one (it’s been blue or red since LI), and the other is the new font for the Roman numerals — the last three games have all used the same serifed, thicker font, here we see a much more thin look sans serif.

Super Bowl LIV will be the tenth consecutive Super Bowl to use the logo system introduced prior to Super Bowl XLV, held in 2011. A look back at how even a templated logo can evolve (yes, slowly) over the course of a decade:

Super Bowl LIV will be held on February 2, 2020, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

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A very special thanks to Stephen Murphy for spotting the new logo, thanks Stephen!