Minnesota Twins Add New Navy Blue and Gold Uniform

Today the Minnesota Twins unveiled one new uniform and eliminated another.

Navy blue with red and “Kasota gold” trim, the new uniform, which is officially designated as a home alternate, incorporates the Twins retro jersey wordmark across the chest, piping around the collar and on each sleeve, and the Twins “TC” logo on the left arm. The jersey is set to be worn with the Twins navy blue cap with the “TC” logo trimmed in gold, which they’ve been wearing with their home jerseys for the last few seasons.

The Twins used this style of wordmark from their first season in Minnesota in 1961 right up through 1986; it returned in 2009 as part of a throwback uniform to pay tribute to the final year at the H.H.H. Metrodome and carried on as part of a throwback uniform from 2010 until 2018.

Kasota gold was introduced to the Twins colour scheme for the 2015 season following the popularity of the use of the colour at the Minnesota-hosted All-Star Game in 2014. It’s meant to represent the sandstone used at their home ballpark, Target Field, which is sourced from a quarry near Mankato, Minnesota.

The uniform replaces the Twins heritage-white pinstriped uniform which was worn twenty-five times during the 2018 season. Minnesota first introduced the uniform in 2010.

None of the other Twins uniforms are set to be altered for the 2019 season, the home white, road grey, red alternate, and the navy blue alternate will all remain alongside this navy blue and gold newcomer.

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