Padres Focus-Testing Brown and Yellow for 2020

The San Diego Padres are focus-testing three home and road uniform options for the 2020 season, all of which feature a brown and yellow colour scheme, this according to both the San Diego Union-Tribune and the email accounts of a few readers who were part of the groups.

Collectively we’ve learned three designs were tested for home and road designs, all of the logos and wordmarks used in these mockups were already in use by the club, simply recoloured to brown and yellow.

At home, all of the designs are white – as is tradition – one featured pinstripes, another piping, and another with an “SD” interlocking logo on the chest. I took a quick shot at creating the uniforms based on the descriptions I’ve been told, these may be slightly inaccurate in terms of trim colours but I get the sense these are fairly close:

I’ll be honest… I’d be fine with any of these three options. Before you go sharing this image, I remind you that this is an estimated mockup based on descriptions, I’ve never seen any photos of what was being presented.

For the road, it looks like the team is steering away from a grey uniform, much like they did with their all-khaki set in the earlier part of this century.

One was a sandy-grey colour both top and bottom, another featured a brown top with cream-pinstriped pants, the third (and reportedly, the most popular option) was a brown jersey with cream pants. The brown jerseys for these last two options were both similar to the current brown/yellow alternate jersey, all of the jerseys read “PADRES” rather than “SAN DIEGO”.

It’s been well-documented over the past two years or so that the Padres were looking to go in a different direction than what we’ve seen from the team lately, in the past the team has held several focus-groups to test their current designs as well as  potential colour schemes including the use of brown/yellow like we’re seeing here.