MLB 150th Anniversary Patch for 2019 Spotted

It appears Major League Baseball will indeed celebrate their 150th anniversary in 2019 with a commemorative league-wide patch.

Thanks to a photo Tweeted out yesterday by the Minnesota Twins, we’ve all now gotten our first look at the patch that should grace the sleeves of every Major League player throughout the upcoming season.

It’s a simple logo, as MLB anniversary patches tend to be, the “Batterman” silhouette logo to the left, 150 in red to the right. The patch is smaller than what we’ve come to expect a commemorative patch to be, I figure it’s to allow teams to slide it in under any of their own special patches that may already be taking up each of the sleeves.

One question I have, does the colour of the patch change depending on the team? Kind of how the MLB colours currently change from team-to-team to match their individual colour schemes. I ask because the logo looks a little darker than usual here, almost matching the Twins colour scheme (if this was a photo of an Oakland Athletics player there’d be no mystery!).

Until the league officially releases the patch along with the details, we’ll have to wonder.

The current Major League Baseball “Batterman” logo debuted in 1969 as the 100th anniversary patch, designed by Jerry Dior. The logo was used again with gold replacing white during the ill-fated 1994 season to celebrate the league’s 125th anniversary.